Post Dharma Celebration Retreats.

The Australian Dharma Celebration is a precious opportunity to receive empowerment and teachings from our National Spiritual Director, Gen Kelsang Rabten. This experience is greatly enhanced if we can spend some time after the Dharma Celebration in retreat to improve our understanding of the teachings and take their meaning to heart.

Kadampa Meditation Centre Australia

Post Australian Dharma Celebration Retreat

with Gen Kelsang Dornying | 10 - 14 April

At this year’s Australian Dharma Celebration we will receive profound blessings, teachings, and the inspiration to purify our minds. Why not make the most of this and treat yourself to a few extra days to engage in guided meditation retreat on Vajrasattva practice?

 Kadampa Meditation Centre Australia is the national home for Kadampa Buddhism in Australia. It is a blessed and beautiful place and provides perfect conditions to relax, meditate and develop inner peace. Everyone is welcome.